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Artificial Intelligent Community (AIC)

Artificial Intelligent Community (AIC)

 The Community

AIC aimed at providing an environment for students to develop scientific approach to life solution using Technology. We intend to strengthen the ability to gather information and data for evidence-based decision making.


To become a grooming centre for robotic, Artificial Intelligence and data science expert in Africa

 Mision Statement

To provide an enabling environment for the development of new and reliable forms of AI within Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic, Eruwa and its immediate surroundings. 


  • Exposed to practical and theoretical experience in several AI sub-field of personal interest (Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Science, Computer Vision, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) ). 
  • Team Work availability or decide to work solo projects to explore fundamental areas of AI and broaden our skills and knowledge. 
  • Networking possibilities with other students of similar interest, faculty, and professionals in and outside the Community of Adeseun Ogundoyin Campus.

Proposed Programs

  • Nano-Talks
    This is expected to be a short talk that presents an interesting research work on art, science and technology. It is usually not more than between 5-20 minutes.


  • RAIL (Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)                                                         Network, guide or be trained by a team of people with the same region of interest. Your team will basically need a goal and a dedication. The Community will provide the environment for its thriving. This will act as a Hub and a Knowledge Centre where a constantly growing and up-to-date compilation of nano-talks, panel discussions, projects, research, datasets and code libraries will be archived.


  • Panel Discussions
    Qualified and informed members are given opportunities to discuss AI topics that is either trending or controversial. It is expected to be recorded at all times.


  • Speakers talks
    Similar to nano-talk but from someone outside the AOPE campus community.